Rundown for Tuesday, January 11, 2005

First Hour


O&A are shot- will try not to talk about porn 

"My Darling, my blood" stumps everyone

Anthony reads his interview with Billboard Radio Monitor 

Interruption: the Ted Nugent interview; Opie's first radio name

Anthony continue to read his interview: goofing 

"Team America": puppet sex

"Howard Doesn't Care" by Khemystri

"I Don't Care!" with Howard and Kevin Meaney

John & Jeff

Opie cares about Di; Li'l Conner on J&J 

Li'l Conner on J&J

Randy Johnson; Neil Cavuto wants O&A

"My Darling, my blood"

Promo: "Comedy Gone Too Far"

Mid Hour


Norton's problem with Gene

NY Post: no longer a NEWS-paper

NY Post Randy Johnson: "Big Jerk" Who is at fault? Randy or the press?

Johnson against the Press

Comments on the incident: will only get worse; Tsunami story is done

Fox News Channel's Neil Cavuto wants to interview O&A about Brad and Jen

"Opie Doesn't Care" with Kevin Meaney

"Howard Doesn't Care" with The Ramones

"Opie Doesn't Care" with The Ramones

Same picture on every paper

Defends Opie

Anthony's quote makes it to the Daily News

Brad & Jen and Angelina Jolie: shooting movies with people of common chemistry; gossip gossip; bang/don't bang co-stars

Gossipy, wild haired Ben

Second Hour

Rumor: Jolie and Brad and a Java-log

Goofing on Opie; Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon; 

Cher debate; Cher's music

Embarrassing IPod/mix tape songs; Norton's songs

Worst IPod song; Gayest song ever? (praise for Derrick)

Anthony's song is worse; Steve songs; 

"On the Loose" by Saga 

Promo: "The Opie&Anthony Show"


List of Gay songs

"Naked Guy" rescue from a flooded river; repeated; repeated again; again; can't get enough

Surreal Life: Passed out Mini-Me

Bob Kelly head shots

Midget hands; drunken Vern Troyer

Attempting an "Assault on the Media" in Philly

Channel 4 in Brewster, NY showed Naked Guy's Rescue without blur

Mid Hour

How Naked Guy got into trouble; gay song

(Norton deserves a crash, but gets fired) Norton and Spandau Ballet 

Anthony: Half bodied boy on the in- flight TV back from Vegas

liver kick

Mash Up: Madonna's "Ray of Light" to the Sex Pistols' "God Save the Queen" 

Promo: "Donkey Sausage"


Russ Meyer and "Mondo Topless"

Anthony describes the Mini-Me pissing video

Amber Frey's naked pictures 

Chyna's sleeping man noises

Mini Me video from VH1's Surreal Life

Teens and Freak Dancing: the new dirty dancing; "The Humiliation"

Freaknik in Atlanta: just like NY! Freaknik traffic stop; Anthony's lack of road rage that day

Great Adventure in New Jersey: line cutting animals

Local name

Boston checks in

Action Park's wave pool

"Traction Park"

Third Hour


Birmingham, Alabama doesn't disappoint 

stay out of the deep end

Earl reinforces stereotype

taken off a ride

Coney Island's other name; Norton's experience as a kid

Email addresses and ideas to send

Chris Rush outside the studio; Paul the Pilot from the WNEW days checking in later; Sport's Illustrated Reality Show chick in later

Promo: "Cash Up all day"


Opie's breakfast

Playboy Radio girls talking shit

The Boys don't believe the caller

Chris Rush enters the studio: rollercoasters; animal's sex parts

Girl!! First female caller of 2005: tries to clear up the Playboy girl thing

Porn stars

Henri: doesn't like Chris

Norton recalls a viscous Chris Rush line 

Sick F comes through: The Playboy Radio Girls' comments on O&A

Audio paused: explanation of first call with the Girls; unloading on the Engineer

() Sick F: describes a minute he didn't record

() Back to the Playboy Girls: Bashing Jimmy

Jimmy gets pissed; the Girls got it all wrong; its too bad, the O&A Show liked them

() More of the Playboy Girls and the asshole Engineer

Jimmy unloads on the Engineer some more

() The last of the comments

Opie: The Playboy Channel is in trouble, give O&A a call; Anthony: Request for E Lo; the Engineer

Chris Rush gets the crickets again and again

Assault on Playboy Radio

Norton really tears into the High and Mighty Whores; crickets for Rush

Don't care?

Howard doesn't care with Kevin Meaney; Opie joins in

Promo: "Farts = Funny"


"King of Comedy" clips

Opie: Playboy Girls will back down

Rush: Crickets

Norton: drips sarcasm

O&A callers on Playboy Radio Channel

Rush makes a point

Unsubscribed from Playboy Channel

Women on radio

Paul the Pilot (Foundry has a picture of his plane HERE): Describes the car crash put him in a coma for 5 1/2 weeks; injuries; how his family found out; still doing air shows; his time in the hospital; happened June 8, 2004; buying a new plane; (Fourth Hour) surgery; communicating; seatbelt; the truck; Wal-Mart insurance; helicopters; coma dreams; Norton and Chris make jokes; wants to fly an XM plane


Howard doesn't care again today

John&Jeff gets O&A calls all the time

Pictures of the girl who got kicked off the Sport's Illustrated Model show

Girls all over the phone lines:

Julie quotes Howard today; going the way of Lenny Bruce

Howard doesn't care; doesn't care

Howard doesn't care with The Ramones

Promo: "Stop ruining the show Erik!"


Howard; Swimsuit Model; The Playboy Girls

The "bashing" call during the Playboy Girls' interview; paused for comments; audio continued; paused for comment; continued to the end

Discussing the audio

"Howard Doesn't Care" update

Paul's plane

Shucky Ducky

Soupy Sales; parts of Night Calls are pre-recorded

"Howard Doesn't Care" update

Mini-Me on "The Surreal Life"

Opie and Anthony fight over the audio; Opie tries to trade for it; fun with the Mini-Me audio; Opie makes stunning accusations; compromise

sounds like sex


Anthony's newest sound clip: Mini-Me

1-866 FU LINE-1


"Mini-Me Duck Job" 

Mini-Me's head shot; goofing on Bob Kelly

Pablo who?

Sabrina from NBC's Sport's Illustrated: Swimsuit Model Search in studio: height; "Naked Guy" Rescue; Anthony saw an episode- describes what happened; too nice; other girls; Jimmy's antics and arm hair; how to get ahead on the show-Physical Challenges; winner gets a 7 page layout in SI; casting calls; modeling; would do more reality shows; Plugs:; Jimmy gets a picture

O&A laugh at Jimmy next to Sabrina

WDIL: Norton on the cyclone

Norton during the Sabrina interview

WDIL: "Erik, Erik, Erik"; anal sex on tax returns; extra "O" in Coney Island; Playboy Girls; "really don't care"

Norton will be at Zanies in Vernon Hills (near Chicago) on January 14 & 15

WDIL: don't need to be funny to be a comedian

WDIL: Look out for poles; Chester-Me; 5 1/2 weeks after June 8; Safari outside Great Adventure; Jimmy's a 10; doesn't care; no phones after CD 2; "doesn't care" keeps you from a bullet; mess with the bull, you get the horns

WDIL: Howie's career, like Lenny Bruce's, is going up in Steve; bedbugs aren't funny; monkeys stay out of the wading pool; Playboy Radio calls tonight; I don't care

Brother Joe Entertainment presents the "Monsters of Mock" at the Hard Rock Cafe in NYC on January 14 at 10pm

WDIL: Doesn't care

WDIL: O&A fight over a midget